Some news!

An in-between post

Hi all,

So much news! I have been consumed by work for the past month and planning an update to the newsletter. (None of the work has published yet.) I wanted to tell you about it before resuming our regularly scheduled programming next week.

First of all, some news about the newsletter: I’m planning a migration from Substack to TinyLetter. I’m really unhappy about the direction Substack is taking its platform, and I also want to stop monetizing this newsletter. I’ll be in touch with paying subscribers individually over the next week, but please know that I’ve deeply appreciated your support. If you want to continue to support my work, you can do so over at my Kofi page, which allows one-time or regular payments.

I don’t anticipate any newsletter format or content changes, so rest assured, you will continue to get The Quick Fox in all its glory—just distributed in a slightly different fashion. Doing this will also allow me more time and energy to work on the long-awaited PODCAST, first episode of which I’m hoping to have out next month.

Second, Some Personal News. I’m joining Fortune’s masthead as a contributor, a fancy term meaning I’ll be regularly writing for them although I remain a freelancer (I’m also still a contributing editor at Popular Science.) So you can expect more Fortune hits from me on science/health issues like dentistry, pharma and the power grid. I’m also hoping to return to writing about ANIMALS on a more regular basis. I miss them. I miss writing about them. I certainly haven’t stopped thinking about them.



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